Monday, February 8, 2010

Caught On Camera

Caught this Slender Squirrel feasting on a nut or seed while on the way back to the visitor centre. Apparently this is the first time I've shot a Slender Squirrel, and, even that a clear one. These mammals are generally very difficult to shoot given that you don't own a zoom lens. Luckily this individual didn't notice me for a few seconds and I took my chance to photograph it. SNAP!


Bluebottle said...

Well done. I have yet to see him.

Bluebottle said...

Err, its'even if you do own a zoom lens', not'don't own a zoom lens.

Shawn said...

Thanks BlueBottle. You'll surely see this species sometime in the reserves. By the way, 'given that you don't own a zoom lens' means 'when you don't own a zoom lens'.


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