Thursday, March 22, 2012


It's Jackfruit season now in India, and almost every single adult Jackfruit tree is full of them. There are about 20 trees planted around my house, all done so many years ago by my grandparents.

Jackfruit is similar to Durian, but is less thorny and does not have such a strong odour.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just The Perfect Couple

My pet dogs Titu and Tiky leashed together and made to look like a newly wed couple with a red flower on each of their chests! Aren't they the loveliest couple ever!

Titu's just so darn happy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dancing Treepies

I found this perky pair of Indian Rufous Treepies frolicking on a tree close to my room one morning. These mischievous birds, although a pretty cute sight, are extremely playful and noisy; one should hear their loud laughter-like calls and wonder if its the same bird making these calls or not.

I decided to snap a few shots as I never really get to photograph birds; either I didn't specialize in them or they didn't specialize in me. At one moment, I noticed one of them performing a wacky dance in front of the other, and that gave me the idea that it was a male trying to grab the female's attention. It was a gorgeous sight alright!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer's Here

Well now that it's March, Summer is on its way, or has already begun in my place in India. The past few weeks have been scorching hot with only a tiny few drops of rain, and that too, only once in a few days. While some of you might be freezing right now thanks to the winter snow, we here are sitting in the shade, our tongues withered to the root because of the intense heat and dryness. But it's nothing like some parts of India where it is three times warmer!

Anyway, now that my exams are finally over and my summer vacation is here, I'm looking forward to a lot of stuff: Going places, basically. We haven't really had a family holiday ever since we returned to India, as usually either my dad will be away or my sister will be occupied with work. Besides, this time I have a big task too, to find a good school that I could probably study (and stay) for the next 2 years, which are my Senior Secondary years (or Junior College). I have vowed to give it my best shot as how I perform these 2 years will pretty much determine how I'll emerge in the future.

In An Indian Train

I'm back! Anyway, I recently had a journey on train to a district called Calicut, to see my relatives. As I wasn't that used to traveling via train in India, I couldn't seem to contain myself during the journey. Every half an hour, I would get up from my seat and stand by the open door of the moving train (which is pretty dangerous!) to enjoy the breeze and just watch the world go by. Here are some shots I took while firmly holding onto the train's door!

This here looks like a mine or something

Like I said in several other posts, coconut trees are everywhere in Kerala!

Below is a shot I took along the alley, inside the train. The purple shades are due to the translucent purple glasses on the other side of the train. I was traveling in a 'first class AC sleeper' which meant that no compartment in an Indian train was better than this. Well, you can't expect any more for such low charges!

The railway tracks as seen through the misty (or dusty?) glass


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