Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer's Here

Well now that it's March, Summer is on its way, or has already begun in my place in India. The past few weeks have been scorching hot with only a tiny few drops of rain, and that too, only once in a few days. While some of you might be freezing right now thanks to the winter snow, we here are sitting in the shade, our tongues withered to the root because of the intense heat and dryness. But it's nothing like some parts of India where it is three times warmer!

Anyway, now that my exams are finally over and my summer vacation is here, I'm looking forward to a lot of stuff: Going places, basically. We haven't really had a family holiday ever since we returned to India, as usually either my dad will be away or my sister will be occupied with work. Besides, this time I have a big task too, to find a good school that I could probably study (and stay) for the next 2 years, which are my Senior Secondary years (or Junior College). I have vowed to give it my best shot as how I perform these 2 years will pretty much determine how I'll emerge in the future.


Vera said...

Glad that you,ve passed all the exams)) I,m leaving school next year too and have to decide where to study then, it,s so challenging!

Love the pictures, very nice framing!

Good luck to you,


Shawn said...

Thanks Vera. It's no surprise because we're both the same age ;-)
Good luck to you too!


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