Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In An Indian Train

I'm back! Anyway, I recently had a journey on train to a district called Calicut, to see my relatives. As I wasn't that used to traveling via train in India, I couldn't seem to contain myself during the journey. Every half an hour, I would get up from my seat and stand by the open door of the moving train (which is pretty dangerous!) to enjoy the breeze and just watch the world go by. Here are some shots I took while firmly holding onto the train's door!

This here looks like a mine or something

Like I said in several other posts, coconut trees are everywhere in Kerala!

Below is a shot I took along the alley, inside the train. The purple shades are due to the translucent purple glasses on the other side of the train. I was traveling in a 'first class AC sleeper' which meant that no compartment in an Indian train was better than this. Well, you can't expect any more for such low charges!

The railway tracks as seen through the misty (or dusty?) glass

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