Saturday, January 28, 2012

Broken Glass

A pair of accidentally broken glasses didn't go to waste. They became models in my home-made studio.

The shape formed due to the broken glass

I smashed the pieces of glass into smaller pieces and lay them at the bottom of the pair. However the shadows formed by the glasses seem to have hidden the sparkle they were supposed to give.

I thought adding a fork to the photograph would be creative; as if it was the fork that broke the glass.

And here's a broken heart.

Eventually I had to throw away my models as they spilled tiny chips of glass all over my room!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Today was really sunny, and I decided to just capture some shots of the flowers and leaves in my front yard.

I love these tiny bright red flowers!

Young, soft leaves of the morning glory

Sharp thorns of the Rose

A spiderweb in the sunlight

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fun With Water

It isn't any fun, at all. I spent hours trying to photograph water droplets bouncing up from the water but it was just, really difficult! The focus, the timing etc make it a tough task for beginners like me. But just for the record, here are a few photographs of my first try.

Sometimes, even if you miss that water droplet in the air, you can get really nice photos of the waves formed in the water. They often look like tiny whirlpools.

One to Give You the Creeps

I haven't posted much about animals or other wild creatures since 2011. Anyway, here's one to give you the creeps: A bright orange cricket I found hiding in my handkerchief.

It was unlike any other cricket I've seen before; with it's long antenna, sharp 'tail' and spiky legs, it looked extremely creepy!

Reminds me of the giant insects you see in many bug movies... Imagine this guy (100 times bigger) sneaking into your bed at midnight!

As you can see, its wings are really tiny, too small to fly, and so this cricket must be a nymph. I took it out and released him.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sometimes, we just have to take the risk, don't we?

Got this idea online; decided to give it a try.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have become quite used to being lonely. Ever since I left Singapore in April 2010, loneliness was my company, he followed me wherever I went. I couldn't mix or get in terms, or even communicate properly with anyone here. I couldn't relate to my relatives. I have pretty much become a loner in life. Like a lonely candle, in the midst of all the darkness.

Like a lonely flower, new but almost going to wither.

I missed all my friends in Singapore, the only friends I truly had. However, over time, I sort of lost them too, as it was tough to keep in contact online. Like they say, long-distance relationships never work. But just recently, I chanced upon an old friend, and we had a great conversation. Surprisingly, he still remembered and saw me as who I used to be, not as a stranger or someone new. The problem is, not everyone is like him. I heard from him, all the news of my pals in Singapore, how they've completed their O levels, and how they were graduating. I thought about it and realized, I should have been doing the same. But where am I now? What have I become, other than a loner, a loser, a hopeless person, who although sometimes knows how to dream big, never gets to see what he wants? Like a motionless leaf, I look up and see my friends, whom I used to share a life with, all fresh and joyful, graduating and rising up, away from me, whereas I am stranded down here, unable to progress or move on with or enjoy my life.

Cats, Dogs and Cows

Took these photographs during the past few weeks. It's not always easy to photograph cats here as they usually scuttle off upon seeing humans.

This is my dog Titu in motion, behind him you see the crib and christmas tree.

And this little fellow was photographed near my friend's house. He's a calf, probably just a few years old.

Yeah, so that was Cats, Dogs and Cows! Forgive me for that silly title! Couldn't think of anything.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looking Outta the Window

24th December. I was on my way to see a friend for his house warming. He lives in Singapore, just like I used to, and we were like, really great pals. He just had a new house built in India for his grandparents to stay, and for them when they come for vacations. On the way, we drove along a vast stretch of paddy fields and open sea, and looking out of my car window, it was a wonderful sight.

I stuck my head and camera out to grab this shot. The road was empty!

As we drove along a long bridge, I looked to my left to see the wide river joining the sea. It was just so bright, that you couldn't tell where the horizon was!

Here's a tourist houseboat, many of which you can see along the river.

I had a great time and reunion with my old friends. After 7 months of not having anyone to talk to about old times and school, it was definitely a rejuvenating experience.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Glass of Love and Stars

I just watched a video today from DigitalRev on Youtube, on how to make different 'bokeh' (background) shapes using your own materials at home. I was stunned by the beauty of the images, and this compelled me to immediately try it out on my own DSLR. Oh my, it was really difficult at first, but by the end of the day, I had some pretty good shots!

How about a glass of love?

No? Then care for a sparkly one of stars?

That image right above, the one with the glass of stars, is the best shot I've grabbed, in my opinion. Sometimes it can be tricky to adjust the focus on the glass (my camera has a mere 192,000 dot screen). But the basics are simple- cut out a shape from a piece of thick paper, paint it black, and then attach it to the front of your zoom lens, as shown below.

And then zoom in, with the light out of focus as much as possible (or a little less), and SNAP!

A Walk on the Moon

I recently had a trip to the moon. As soon as I landed, I noticed the ground was filled with strange stumps sticking out a few inches, with a small crater surrounding each stump.

Alright, you know I'm kidding. These are just Tapioca trunks planted in the soil. Tapioca is a common food crop cultivated in Kerala, India. I spotted this plot full of newly planted stems and thought it would make a good photograph.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week One

Sorry guys, for not posting anything for the last few days. From now on, I'll only be posting every weekend, as my exams are nearing and I have to focus more on my studies. But I assure you at least one post every Saturday and Sunday!
Anyway, now that 2012 is here, and so is 'Photography & Me', I'd like to tell you stories about my life, experiences, dreams, stuff like that. And I'll be posting more photos of various genres. Here are two shots I recently took of a tiny 'castle' I made with some blocks. I don't know if it has any meaning though. Just for fun. :-)

It was my Mom's and Dad's 20th wedding Anniversary on the 6th of this month, and we celebrated the happy occasion in a hotel. I took this random shot as I rested the camera on the table, and it turned out pretty fine.

To be honest, I don't really know what to do or post or write in this blog. I don't know how to start. The first week of 2012 seemed like any other week. I'll keep you updated, though.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

So, 2011 has finally come to an end. Although it hasn't been the best year or anything for me, I can say that it was an important chapter in my life. Throughout the year, I learned many new lessons on life, and on how to dream, and set goals for myself. As the year came to an end, I wasn't surrounded by friends or family, enjoying the end of one year and the start of another. I was alone, watching the fireworks take over the sky as they were set off in our neighbourhood church.

I had never photographed fireworks before, and only in the last minute did I think of doing so. I quickly looked up some help on shooting fireworks and left to my church. And I was rather pleased with photographs! Perhaps, it was my 'New Year's Gift' or something!

Anyway, it is now 2012, a brand new year! A year once rumoured to be the last, but come on, we all know that it isn't true. I'm looking forward to this year, hoping to see new places, meet new people, make new friends and learn new things. And of course, find myself in a more lively and cheerful environment, which I had been deprived of for more than a year. More on that later. :-)

I wish all of you guys a wonderful and prosperous New Year ahead!
Cheers, Shawn


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