Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We wandered around the sides of the little lake and were astonished to find this crab in one of the little pools surrounding the lake. We never thought we'd find a crab in the tiny pool of freshwater.

Look at him as he raised his giant claws in defense. He sure was a tough guy as he wouldn't let go of the stick we were using to try nudge him out to land.

Eventually, we managed to catch him and get him into a steel bowl. Upon taking a close look we realized it was actually holding onto hundreds of baby crabs. Look carefully and you'll see the tiny, translucent figures of the baby crabs.

After taking a couple more shots we left him back into the water, back home. He still showed us his signature pose before he dipped in.


adrielleroyale said...

Wow, very cool :)

Shawn said...

Haha Thanks!

Simply Debbie said...

Hello Shawn,
I just became your 50th follower...I'm an old daughter died of cancer and is in son is 28 years old and married to a school grandchildren
we have 3 cats, 2 we raised on the bottle and 2 dogs...
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. You are very talented
they have a place on the blog where for a certain amount of money, they will print your blog into a hard bound book. I have seen the books of some of the people who have had them done and they are awesome...yours would be exceptional because it is wildlife and your book would be a potiofolio.
I am going to read some more on your blog....
I hope you will jump over to my blog and sign up as a'd be the youngest but the most talented in photography and I follow a lot of photographers
I think with that camera and you behind the lens you can be anything you want to be...stay away from the stingrays.
I especially love your photograph of the blue dragon fly. My daughter loved butterflies and we collect them to remind us of her.
have fun with that camera
Simply Debbie

Shawn said...

Hi Debbie,

Thank you very much for being my 50th follower! I am very much delighted to read your comment.

Anyway, my condolences on the departure of your daughter.

I love your offer; I'd definitely love to have a book version of my blog with my photos. However, I may need some time to think about it. I've recently bought a better camera but my blog posts are really late; these blog posts feature photographs taken with my old compact camera.

Once again, thanks! I will surely follow your blog ASAP.

Regards, Shawn.

Calvin Ho said...

Hi Shawn,
Im Calvin. Last year when I stumbled onto your blog, I was inspired. I have since started my own blog but it focuses more on general photography.
I would love to join you on your nature walk one day!

Shawn said...

Hello there Calvin,

Great to hear that you've started your own blog! I visited your blog, its great, and my, love that lens!

Thanks again for the comment!


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