Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heartless Humans

Sorry for not posting anything for quite a while! There was nothing much to post about either, until a few days earlier, when I found this dead snake on a rock along the road. It was a small snake, only about 20cm in length. The large eyes, and the white patches near its mouth parts tell that it is probably a juvenile rat snake or racer, but definitely not a venomous species. It had evidently been hit to death by humans, as there was a large wound on its neck.

So another snake had been killed, this one too a harmless one. I just don't get the people here! How could they be so heartless to kill such a harmless and innocent creature! Ugh! I buried the snake nearby and left feeling hopeless for these poor snakes, because the attitude of these local, illiterate people won't change.


Noushka, said...

Hi Shawn!
Unfortunately, it is the same all over the planet!
In France's countryside, you'd think people are familiar with snakes and would make the difference between a harmful one to the cattle and innocent colubridae? Well you would be in for a surprise!
I got very angry once with a farmer who said I didn't know what I was taking about, when I said I would volunteer to remove any venomous snake from houses.
When I told him I dealt with cobras in our parrot aviaries he eventually shut up!!!
People can be very silly and unnecessarily mean.
We have to learn to live with that...
hope you'll publish something more cheerful next time!! :)
Keep well, good luck, and merry Xmas!!!

Shawn said...

Hi Noushka,

Yeah, there are people like that all over the world I guess! Wow, I never knew you handle cobras! I'm impressed! ;-)

Merry Christmas to you too! :)

Cholena Nashan said...

datz reali sad .. :(

Vera said...

Oh no...
Why do people always kill? That,s so sad to know it happened again.

Shawn said...

Hey Cholena and vera,

Yeah, it's really sad, I mean, so many of them being killed.... :(


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