Friday, August 28, 2009

Visitor 2: Scarlet Skimmer

After having done with the Red Grasshawk, I was never given a rest because immediately, another dragonfly that I'd never seen before came into sight right before my eyes. This one was Scarlet Skimmer and it was much easier to shoot as it stayed where it was no matter how close I went.
Like the Slender Skimmer, it was pretty brave and so I managed to get a few close-up shots of its eyes, head etc. Here's one of them.
It was strange that both of these new dragonflies came together and left together. Maybe they were a Newly-Wed Couple in charge of creating a new mixed-breed species. : )


Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Shawn, you've got some amazing shots of dragonflies here and so many other creatures in your older posts! And to think you're so young!! Wonderful to see these stunning photos! Cheers!

~Kanak from Assam

Shawn said...

Hi Kanak,

I have this special interesrt for these creatures. I started since quite young but only got a camera recently abt two years back. You have a beautiful blog with many interesting animals too! Of course, India is a much moree diverse in wildlife than in S'pore. You should have a wonderful time photographing these critters in Assam. I also have a home in Kerala, India.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Tree Hugger Daddy said...

Can't imagine how you get such clear and clost shots of dragon flies. The head shots are amazing. Well done.

Shawn said...

Well for dragonflies, all you need is some sunlight above and of course, you need to be very patient and move slowly toward the dragonflies.

Thanks for your kind comment!


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