Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spider Eggs or Spiderlings?

What do you think these creatures are? These small little dots are not spider eggs but they are hatchling spiders, called spiderlings. I nearly missed this bunch of tiny crreatures while walkign through the path with some of the students.

The number of spiders in one group itself was simply uncountable. They were exptremely tiny that almost all the students looking at them were convinced that they were spider eggs and not spider lings. I had to take these shots and zoom in to the max to prove them wrong.

There were many individual groups one a single plant. This was the smallest group I could find.


Bluebottle said...

Haha! So lucky to see spiderlings!

Shawn said...

Yeah... And so many! Thanks BlueBottle!

Anonymous said...

I keep finding these all over my backyard. How do I get rid of them, I don't like them!


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