Thursday, October 28, 2010

Black Dragons in a Holy Place

It was a Sunday Morning and right after attending mass at church, I went over to a small pond that was built beside the church. My word, it was full of black-coloured dragonflies. It was surprising to see that almost all of them were black or dark blue. I sort of wondered what these 'black dragons' could be doing by the church? Something fishy going on maybe?




Caroline Gill said...

I saw my first black Dragonfly this summer. Thought you might like to see it here on my blog, 'Wild and Wonderful'. I enjoyed your post.

john said...

I guess they are waiting their turn for confession, or maybe trying to get baptized. Nice photos. The dragonflies in Alaska are black as well.

Shawn said...

Hi Caroline,
glad to hear you enjoy reading my posts. I'll check out your site ASAP! Thanks!

Hi John,
Haha! That's hilarious. Little critters blackened by their sins, waiting for a chance to be cleansed! Thanks a lot!


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