Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Flyaway Bluebottle

I've spotted a couple of Bluebottle butterflies but have never been able to photograph one well because of their restlessness in flight. Here I shot one in mid-air as it was fluttering over the ground close to me. Not a good shot, anyway!


Bluebottle said...

Bad shot! no way! The upperside colours show nicely! Shawn, if you know a mud/ sand patch where the always go to, try this : mix some belacan with water and spread it on the ground. ( penang brands work best ) The next morning if the weather is hot you will see not only bluebottles but jays, zebras and more! Bluebottles will beat the wings rapidly when puddling but soon they wing stay still if you are patient. Once they have stopped moving you can asses the angle you can get parallel to the wings and prone down on the ground slowly. You should always wait a few seconds after it stops moving before closing in. Good luck!!! :)

Shawn said...

Hey Bluebottle, thanks for the wonderful idea! I was never a butterfly expert so I never knew of that. I'm soooooo gonna try it out someday, and hopefully get some good shots of some pretty butterflies. Thanks again for the tips. :D

Bluebottle said...

No problem! :) Believe me, you will get wonderful shots!

Shawn said...

Thanks Buddy! :D


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