Sunday, September 11, 2011

Freaky Insects You Don't Want at Home

Over a few days I spotted and photographed a number of insects in my house, none of which looked very friendly. They either had biting teeth, sharp stings or simply looked scary. I may be an animal lover alright, but these insects just made me want to think about whether I should let them stay home or not. Here's a group of wasps on their tiny 'hive'.

A really big Long-Horn Beetle. This beetle's horns (feelers) were almost twice its body length! Its sharp jaws can be seen in the second shot as well.

And here's a giant fly that none of us had ever seen before. It was huge, with a body that measured around 10cm! I had no idea what it was, perhaps some sort of mutated or evolved species of fly? I let it out as soon as I took my shot.


Vera said...

Omg! What cute photos! That huge fly looks soo.. I would definitely get afraid of it!

adrielleroyale said...

Ya, the bugs around here enter my house at their own risk, cause if I see them...splat! :-p

john said...

Your fly appears to be some kind of Crane Fly. If you want to see some truly freaky insects, go camping in the Amazon. Things like ants that will dissolve the clothes right off your body.

Wong Chun Xing said...
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Shawn said...

Thanks all of you guys!

Vera: Of course, even I kept a safe distance as it looked scary!

Adrielle: Haha! I know! So I bet there aren't much insects in your home thanks to its notorious reputation....! :D

john, thanks fro the info! Wow I'd love to go camping in the Amazon, and am aware of the trillions of freaky insects you can find there...!

Wong Chun Xing, thanks for the detailed info! Appreciate your help! :D


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