Friday, October 21, 2011


I'll be posting some landscape shots I took while in Mysore. Well, for most of the journey, it was just a plain straight road with green on either sides.

I took this shot while passing a paddy field.

The Mysore palace, a huge palace with thousands of ancient articles and rich history.

A big, old church.

Vrindavan Gardens, a stretch of land planted with various trees and flowering plants, right next to a huge dam.

I didn't really enjoy the trip, but well, it's still better than sitting home the entire weekend.

PS Thank You blog viewers for 50,000 Page views!!!


adrielleroyale said...

Congrats on your landmark page views! :) And though you didn't enjoy your weekend much, at least you can say you got a few good pics out of the deal ;)

Shawn said...

Thanks Adrielle!

You're right, I still got some fair landscape shots, nevertheless!


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