Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scaredy Squirrels

Don't you just love squirrels? Watching them scurry along, doing their funny businesses is an absolute delight. Several 3-striped squirrels came close to us while we were at the Mysore zoo, and since I never really got to take any good shots of wild mammals, I decided to photograph some of these cheeky creatures.

Unlike the squirrels in my area, these were much more used to human interference and didn't mind if we came too close.


Noushka said...

Well done!
It is a delight to see pictures like these, it doesn't matter if they were taken in a zoo!
I agree, squirrels are cute although cheeky! :)

adrielleroyale said...

aaawweeee I love these!! That second one looks like he's smiling for you! I know these fellows are considered to be quite the pests, but I love watching them with their twitchy fluffy tails and fat little bodies scurrying here, there and everywhere. So cute!! :) Great shots!!

Shawn said...

Thanks guys!

Noushka, these were taken in the zoo compound, but are were wild!

Adrielle, you are right! Although they aren't really considered pests here. :)

Vera said...

What lovely creatures!

Shawn said...

Indeed, they are! Thanks Vera!


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