Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Snake on the Tree

Rat snakes, probabaly the most common snakes here in Kerala. But I never really got to photograph one well due to their shyness and speed. But just a day before school, this little rat snake decided to give me a treat.
I was walking to my neighbour's house when I spotted the snake on a mullberry tree. I thought these snakes were poor climbers, but well, I was proven wrong. The snake was happily resting on the tree, perhaps waiting for a bird or lizard to appear so it could grab and have a snack. Or maybe it was just watching the world from a different point of view.

The snake didn't slither away when I came close to shoot it. But it was very well aware of me, as it kept sticking its tongue out whenever I moved.

A beautiful snake indeed. I'd be glad if these snakes are around as they're harmless, and useful, as they help reduce the rat/rodent population in the area.


waldlaeufer68 said...

Hi Shawn,
I have looked around with you and am impressed with your reptiles photos ...
the snakes you made very nice ... here in Germany we see those animals no longer in free nature .. there are Blinschleichen (blindworm) .. and lizards ... If you relish a look to my past ..
Greetings from Germany

Fotoclipping Outsource said...

Brilliant use of the natural elements..and really attractive portraits.... :) lovely


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