Monday, October 20, 2008

Malayan Box Turtle

I was hunting with my friend in Science Centre's Eco-Garden. We did see a medium-sized Malayan Water Monitor swimming in the water but it was too fast to be photographed. Meanwhile we lifted up a wooden plank over a few rocks to find this Malayan Box Turtle.
I was quite amazed when it didn't try to retreat back into its shell when its saw me. Thats what most turtles and tortoises do if they can.

Found this guy in the Eco-Garden in Science Centre. Scientific name: Cuora amboinensis kamaroma. They inhabit lowland lakes, swamps and other water bodies. It feeds on vegetation, fallen fruits and soft invertebrates such as worms and slugs. This species is best identified by the arrangement of the yellow striped lines on the head.

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