Thursday, October 23, 2008

Malayan Water Monitor

Man, today was some day. The last day of school for this year was accompanied by a big surprise for us - A young Malayan Water Monitor, Varanus salvator, was found in a small flat hole in the field in our school. It was very surprising though, as we kept thinking how it ended up here. Did it come from Pandan Reservoir?
Anyway, we tried to get it out from the hole, but failed to do so, even after trying for hours. But when we came back from the hall, it was not there in the hole. When we looked around, it was in another hole just like the previous one.
A few workers in the school then spotted us. They managed to help us by using a long stick to take it out. Later, my friend and I placed it in a container. But then, something smelly took place. The Monitor vomited. This was just an act of self defence to flee predators due to the foul smell.
Tomorrow we will be going to West Coast Park to release this small guy into the Marshland of West Coast Park.

The tail that belonged to the lizard that he vomited out. Comparing with the body, it is most probably a Changeable Lizard. There are many of those in our school.

View from the bottom

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