Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Hunts

Went for a couple of mini hunts around my home during the last few days I spent there. I got to spot and shoot the usual creatures- tiny insects and other invertebrates. Here's a black loop caterpillar, one that's responsible for chewing up all of my mom's precious rose plants.

A butterfly, probably belonging to the grass blue family. This one's wings were of a bright, attractive brown though.

A random bug.

A mating pair of flies, no idea what species or anything.


Bluebottle said...

Hi Shawn! Though I am not an expert at Indian butterflies, I am positive that the butterfly is a monkey puzzle. It is indeed a lycaenid, and is not very rare in India. ( the only place it is found )

Shawn said...

Hey Bluebottle! Thanks for sharing the info. I guess you're right, the butterfly did indeed look very similar to the Monkey Puzzle when I googled it. Thanks again pal!


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