Thursday, April 26, 2012

Periyar Tiger Reserve

So finally, after weeks of pleading and begging, my Dad decided to accompany me to a trip to Periyar Tiger Reserve, a wildlife sanctuary in the state. The last time I visited the reserve was almost 6 years back, and I remember spotting a Giant Squirrel. It was a sudden plan, and so we only reached the reserve by noon. We passed by several tea plantations like these on the way.

The main attraction in the reserve is the boat ride through the lake, where one may encounter wildlife along the banks. The lake is filled with partially submerged tree trunks, which are used for navigation.

People walking towards the boats. The boat takes 1.5 hours to complete its course to and fro.

The weather wasn't really suitable for spotting wildlife. It was gloomy, with rain clouds above and hardly any sun. Furthermore, the mist. Here are some shots I took of the landscape, which was pretty amazing, to say the least.

In addition to the low temperature there were strong, cold breezes too.

Wildlife at Periyar coming up next.

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