Monday, April 9, 2012

Singapore - A Closed Chapter?

Now I have recently posted several posts on Singapore, although the photographs were actually taken about a year ago. But it seems like Singapore has become a closed chapter for me. You see, I just had my status of Singapore Permanent Resident cancelled due to several reasons. All male citizens and PRs of Singapore have to serve 2 years of National Service (Army) from the age of 18. Since I happen to be studying here, and because I don't see the need for wasting 2 precious years, which I could spend for studying - for college/university, I decided, considering also my parents' opinions, to go ahead and cancel my PR. NS in Singapore can be really treacherous and tough, and although it might take a big toll on you, it sure does build up your body and character. I'm saying this from hearing my senior friends' experiences serving the army. However, now that I've opted out of it and cancelled my PR, I'm doubtful if I can visit Singapore again - the country I grew up in. I'm pretty dejected about it, but well, I'm sure that if I become too overwhelmed I can always choose to return to Singapore after serving my 2 years. For now, I'm trying to move on with life, and see where it'll take me. Singapore was just a chapter in my life, and I'll be looking forward to the many chapters yet to have reached.


Calvin said...

Yo bro!
Reminisce is always joyful but painful!
What is more important is to look ahead.
What is most important is to be living presently! Not in the future nor the past!

Shawn said...

Hey Calvin, you're right bro. Thanks. I'm not too emotional about it though. Anyway, good luck for your NS! It's comin soon ;)

adrielleroyale said...

You have such a talent for photography (amid other things I'm sure) that it would be such a waste in the military...Either way, keep looking forward and not back :) Someday you'll have quite a story to tell! :)

Bluebottle said...

Wow. Its great you know how to handle something like this.

At least I will still be able to see your amazing pictures here on this fantastic blog!!

Shawn said...

Thanks guys.


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