Sunday, April 15, 2012


I recently had a trip to Vagamon, a hill station around 60 kms from my house here. It is a great spot for a day's outing, and for me, it's perhaps the closest spot where I'll get to experience nature and some peace. Since I visited in April, it wasn't too cold- in winter, temperatures may go down to 5 degrees Celsius, accompanied by thick mist and fog. During the monsoons, there are several waterfalls as well in various locations around the hill station.

We climbed a pretty high mountain, called the 'Mountain of the Holy Cross', as the 14 stations in the Way of the Cross have been put up along the path to the peak. It is a famous pilgrimage center for Catholic Christians in India. The way up was so steep, that we climbed only till the 7th station and stopped as we were really exhausted. The sun was up too, but that didn't really bother us as the wind was so strong and cool.

You can see my cousin and sister posing by one of the stations, in the following photograph.

Vagamon also has vast stretches of beautiful green meadows and scenic valleys on the smaller and rounder hills.

The landscape is just breathtaking! These photographs aren't able to depict even a fraction of what it's like seeing it in real life with our own eyes.

And of course, tea plantations.

Vagamon has amenities for trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing and even paragliding! However you need a certificate and licence for paragliding and rock climbing.

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