Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Bats are one of the most interesting mammals, due to their ability to fly. In Singapore, Bats may not be seen very often, due to their nocturnal behaviour. Some are herbivorous, feeding only on fruits and nectar, whereas others feed on fish, insects and other invertebrates.


So far, I have only managed to find one Bat roost in Singapore. That is a in a large hole in a big canal near my old house. They can be seen flying out of the hole in hundreds. They can often be seen catching insects and small fish from the surface of the water in the canal.

Since I do not have any pictures of them, I decided to visit there again, this time, with my camera, to get as many shots of these bats. My goal was to capture a shot of a bat scooping insects or fish from the water.

But Unfortunately, These bats could fly extremely fast, and I did not even manage to get a single shot of the bats. I took a video, but even in there, these bats are tiny dots.

Here are 2 pictures with the bats flying. The pictures are very blur. Those circled are actually Bats!

To view the video I took of the Bats, follow THIS LINK. It will take you to the Youtube Video.

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