Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goodbye Snowy......


I finally had to give my pet Rabbit to someone as I was going overseas soon... I had myself give him to a farm product seller who keeps rabbits in his farm. He should be happy there. There are playmates, a security Dog, good keepers, and most of all, Wheat Grass as food, something that Snowy loves.

Now he is in the care of them, and now, he is no more mine...
Goodbye Snowy...
To view a video of him, follow THIS LINK. It will take you to the Youtube video.


Adina & Kagome said...

:( Aw, I'm sorry that you had to give away your rabbit... I used to have two baby rabbits that I was nursing awhile back. The mother was killed by my neighbors across the street, and there were five babies. four of them were very plump and well-nursed, and my favorite one, (twiggy) was very malnurished and skinny. Hence the name "Twiggy", as that was what he sort of looked like at first glance. I almost didn't take him home! But, he moved and I took a closer look. I was thankful that my nine year old eyes caught the movement in time. I kept all five rabbits alive until day three, which was when my mother's friend came and took Twiggy and two others. I begged and begged for my Twiggy back, but everyone was ignoring me, afterall, I was nine. What did I know about animals? I had a special formula I got from my neighbors across the street's grandmother and fed it to twiggy every three hours. And it WAS working until he was taken away. Twiigy was gone, and I had two rabbits remaining, Hip and Hop. The day right after that we (my mom and I) learned that the state of Ohio required a special liscence to care for orphaned wild animals, and we gave them to an animal sanctuary. (Who didn't remind their worker kennel 1175 was occupied) and they died two days later. Their commercials still make me mad when they claim that "No animal will ever be forgotten!" Mine were. But, that's past, and I'm over it. I'll post some pictures on my blog, and you can take a look if you want.

Shawn said...

Hello Adina,

My, I'm really sorry for not being able to reply to your comments. Been away for a while, you see.

I'm very sorry for your dear rabbits that you lost long ago. I'm absolutely touched by your story about Twiggy! Poor thing, and poor you, the world just isn't fair!

I hope you're feeling ok now, because as an animal lover especially being a pet lover, we'll surel have to face such tense and sad situations. Its true, there are many shelters that do not act as they speak.

Pleasure meeting you!


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