Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giant Caterpillars


This was one Big, Hairy Caterpillar i spotted near the Summit of Bukit Timah. I have no idea what Butterfly/Moth's Larva this is.


davarm said...

How long was your hairy caterpillar? I've been looking for a similar huge larva (of a moth) since I found one in the Khao Yai jungle(Thai) and couldn't photograph it.

Shawn said...

Hi Davarm,

the caterpillars mentioned here were about 6 inches long.

ALEX LEWIS said...

I have been trying to find a picture of one of these for for over 15 years! Believe it or not but every year these giant hairy caterpiillars would show up in our backyard in the spring. They could only be found crawling around on this certain tree that we had, I believe it to be a non-native tree, it looked very similar to the tree in your picture. A few weeks later we would have these huge moths hitting our bathroom window at night trying to get close to the light. Funny thing is I lived in siletz Oregon. Hopefully somebody will comment on here with the answer to what species this is, I have always wanted to know... Thanks for posting this picture!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a picture of one of these for over 15 years. We would find these giant hairy caterpillars in the spring crawling around on this certain tree in our backyard. I believe the tree was a non-native tree. A little bit later in the year we would have these giant moths at night hitting our bathroom window trying to get at the light. The funny thing is...I lived in Siletz, Oregon.
Hopefully someone will comment on here what species this is, I've been tyring to figure it out forever.
Thanks for posting the pictures!


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