Thursday, December 4, 2008

Viper's Hiding Place

Well, after searching the place where we last found the Wagler's Pit Viper the 2nd time that day, we finally found it. Before, It was only near the railing, but this time, it was ON the railing. But on the lower deck, where people won't put their hands on to support themselves. But still, I had to move it away.
Before placing it onto a nearby plant or tree, I put it onto the railing pillar first.
Finally, Home Sweet Home for the Viper. These were the last 2 photos I took of it. Notice that you can see the Heat Sensing Pits if you zoom into these photographs.


Bluebottle said...

Shawn, you are really cool to me ! The truth is, I have never seen a wild snake in the nature resrves before.

Shawn said...

Hi there BlueBottle,

Thanks for the comment.

Don't worry, you'll surely get to see some snakes very soon in the nature reserves. For that, you need to be very silent and observant.

Anyway, you seem to have much more luck than me in spotting and shooting wild butterflies and birds. I think it all goes with your interest. The more you like something, the more succesful you are at finding and shooting it.


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