Friday, March 19, 2010

Glittering in the Sunlight

I went hunting around the stream close to my home. Since I'd been there many times, I knew what to expect to find. Right as I stepped into the narrow path, a few dragonflies started hovering around me but I didn't know which one to follow. I was chasing two rabbits at a time, and, eventually, all escaped. However, I felt some glittering movement near me soon. It was a dragonfly, a Slender Skimmer. Due to the sunny weather, its wings reflected light into my eyes and I was able to spot it.
The sunlight also helped me take crisp, clear shots of the dragonfly. I really liked these two images as I don't think I've ever photographed a Slender Skimmer this well, despite trying for months when they visit my school in Singapore. The background also seems to suit well. So, sometimes my Casio compact camera is better than the dslr using the basic lens.


William said...

Lovely Shots of the dragonfly, Shawn! Sorry I was busy for quite a while.

Shawn said...

Thanks William! Its ok, you can take your time. :)

Tom said...

nice catch. I guess u must have quite a variety of dragonflies to catalogue while ur in Kerala. Hope that ebook is coming in handy.

Shawn said...

Hi Tom,

Yes, Kerala has a huge variety of dragonflies... That's for sure. I might need a guide book if I was there in Kerala right now. But now since I have the internet, it should be fine.


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