Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poor Little Bat

Was walking back from church one morning and noticed this dead bat, apparently electrocuted by the wires above. As you can see, it touched both wires together and thus got killed, burning itself totally. Pity the poor bat.
This is a common sight in India as very often bats fly through the wires and get killed. I've seen them very often but it was usually when I'm in the car looking out as I we drive by. Hence, I never really got to photograph them. Even this time, I had to wait for a while for the people to go off since seeing me take a picture of a dead bat may seem weird to them.


Richard King said...

I saw one bat hanging on a wire by his toes in northern Australia, last year. I thought he was alive till the next day I saw he had mould growing on him!

Shawn said...

Hi Richard King,

Interesting to hear about the bat. Looks like there are many places in which bats are being killed due to electrical wires.

Adina & Kagome said...

Poor bat. :(

Shawn said...

Exactly. Apparently, now you can even see huge flying foxes caught and killed by the electrical wires.


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