Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nilgiri Langurs

Nilgiri Langurs, or Nilgiri Leaf Monkeys are an endangered species of old world monkeys found mainly in South India. As I was driving along one of the roads in the reserve, I spotted a group of these Langurs hanging around on the trees overhead, watching the cars and people pass by.

These monkeys used to be a common species in India, but are now considered endangered due to excessive poaching and habitat loss which has resulted in a drastic decrease in their population. I spotted one individual during the boat ride too, but only for a few seconds short of grabbing a shot. The ones here were difficult to photograph as well as the back-light made their bodies dark and unrecognizable.

Anyway, the extremely common Lion-Tailed Macaques were abundant in the reserve.


Vera said...

You know so much about wild life, this is so great!
Exellent shots, the last one is so adorable :)

john said...

Two very interesting posts. Although I have seen many Sambar Deer, I would really love to see the other things.

Shawn said...

Thanks John & Vera! :)

Anonymous said...

Nilgiri is in Bangladesh, not actually India. As far I know.


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