Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh, Snap!

As I was leaving the Periyar Tiger Reserve, I heard several loud calls from a nearby tree, and upon a closer look, realized it was a Malabar Grey Hornbill. And since I'm not the kind of guy who's so used to seeing such big and beautiful wild birds, I got really excited. It was the first time spotting this bird, and I wanted to get some good photographs. But well, you never always get what you want at the first try, so before I could even get close to it, the bird flew off. All I have is this shot, perhaps just enough for identification.


Vera said...

The bird is so beautiful, I wish I could take a closer look at it..

I have the same problem very often: most of the cats ran away before I come up to them, that,s so disappointing :)

Nature Rambles said...

How exciting to see such a large and exotic bird!

Shawn said...

Thanks Vera and Nature Rambles!

Vera, well, all animals are rather shy sometimes! :)


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