Saturday, May 26, 2012


I recently took a ride to see a relative at his home, about a night from mine on train. Just a minute's walk from his house is this beautiful river, surrounded by lush greenery.

I've been to many riversides but none of them actually caught my attention like this one. Not many people actually come to this particular spot, and so it was clean and unpolluted. I was excited when my cousin told me that Smooth Otters often frequent this spot. However, it's a matter of luck when it comes to spotting them. We didn't get to see any while we were there.

Close to the river is a tiny path that takes you to the main road ahead. The path is so narrow, it's just wide enough for one of us to barely fit through. The tall sides are full of burrows too, probably filled with snakes and other creatures.

Further down the river, a narrow wooden bridge has been constructed across, so that people are able to walk from one bank to the other. The bridge is extremely shaky and one will definitely have to hold on to the side railings in order to get across!

A view of the river, taken from the tiny bridge.


Vera said...

What a spectacular place!
That narrow path looks so mysterious :)
Great photos!

Shawn said...

Thanks Vera! It's a really great place ;-)

Fernando Álvarez Díaz said...

Muy bonita!! me encanta el reflejo del agua.


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