Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dragonfly Hunt at Sungei Buloh

As usual more trips from my school were on the way. On one particular trip to Sungei Buloh, our main intention was to shoot Dragonflies. We were given special DSLRs with zoom lens for shooting them. I asked for the Canon EOS 40D but ended up getting an Olympus EVOLT E-520. I thought it wasn't too bad though. I started shooting whatever I could find. I spotted a Crimson Sunbird basking in the sunlight but it flew off before I could get close enough to shoot it. Soon I managed to spot and shoot a number of dragonflies with the 100-400mm lens. But however, the results were not that satisfying. Firstly a Reddish Brown one.

A pretty large Blue.

One which has its abdomen bright red. I used to see many of these in India but they were extremely hard to photograph as they will fly off at the slightest movement. So, I only managed one shot, a very bad one.

A Blue Sprite Damselfly.

A fully-coloured Bright Red.

I managed one good shot with this one. The first shot I took was pretty poor quality but I was really happy with the second one.

Yippy! So I did manage to do well with a DSLR! Well yes just one.


Federick Ho said...

Hi Shawn
One of the best student's nature blog I have seen. Very good photographs and keep up with your good effort and work. We need students like you to showcase the beauty and diversity of nature.
We have a common interest, take a look here :

Shawn said...

Thanks Federick! I've been to your blog after viewing your comment on Life's Indulgences. Many thanks for your kind words.


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