Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Hidden Beast High Up the Tree

It's been nearly 2 months since I last posted anything. This was because I had to wait for a friend of mine, Thomas, to send me his photos of... the snake! Well, I'm going to rush through my next few posts as I seriously have a lot more to post. We finally got a glimse of what the snake was. We looked high up the tree and found out that it was a Reticulated Python, about 2 metres in length.

My Camera with an optical zoom of 3X was no use in trying to take shots of this snake that was about 15 metres high up the tree. I had to call Thomas, mt friend to bring his camera, a Canon EOS 450D to shoot it. However, he only had a 18-55mm lens and so it we still could not get clear shots of the python.

Here's a badly cropped shot of the snake.

The snake, unfortunately was not left alone. The West Coast Park Managers had called the Pest Control Services to get rid of the snake. Isn't this stupid?! The python which is only about 2 metres can merely do any harm to adult humans, and it also helps to keep real pests like rats in control. But it looks like the 'Pest Controllers' are actually getting rid of the Real Pest Controller. I took a poor video with my digital camera of the snake being pushed into the pond from high up the tree. Poor Snake.

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