Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Whippy's Still Home

After taking photographs of the spider, I turned to the other side of the big book to see if our friend, the Malayan Whip Snake was still there. And he still was! I am not sure why but this particular uncommon snake seems to like this spot very much; its the 4th or 5th time we're spotting him here!

Its tongue fully sticked out, as straight as a stick.

We knew, and so did the little snake, that we were going a bit too close. He got into striking position and even opened his mouth to reveal his hot pink mouth. I didn't get a shot of his opened mouth though. But here's a shot of him in striking position, looking straight at the camera.

We retreated and left him alone soon after. A few other visitors saw us photographing the snake and told us that they spotted another species of snake a few ten metres away. Was it our luck or what! We rushed up the hill to discover our next snake of the day. Coming up right away in the next post.


Monique et Daniel said...

Superbe serpent, très impressionnant, et bien mis en valeur par tes photos!
Thanks for sharing!

adrielleroyale said...

He's so bright and colorful! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to get that :)

Shawn said...

Thanks to you both!


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