Friday, February 18, 2011

Kahang Eco-Organic Rice Farm, Johor

We had a great level camp for all the Sec 3s in our school in January 2010, a trip to Kahang Eco-Organic Rice Farm in Johor. Like many other sub-urban places, it is surrounded with plantations and paddy fields. Here are some photos of the surroundings. This is a shot one of the many paddy fields you see.

We had a whale of a time getting into the fields and playing among the mud. When we got out, everyone of us looked like mud monsters.

A shot from the main assembly area. I just love the colours and depth of this shot.

A rainbow that appeared right after a slight downpour.

Here's a photo i took from the peak of a hill we climbed during the camp. It sure was a tough hike up but the result was rewarding!

Photos of critters coming up next.


adrielleroyale said...

Oooh I really like that last one!! Fantastic view!! The one by the assembly area is pretty cool too - I love how on cloudy days, the grass and trees just seem that much greener. :)

Shawn said...

Thanks Adrielle! There were many other cool scenes by the bus but couldn't capture them all!


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