Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 Snakes a Day!

We were pretty much done with hunting at Bukit Timah and were on our way back to the bus stop. I had already packed the camera, but I was forced to unpack it again in a few minutes. There, on the railings by the side of the road, was... a thread. Well that was what I thought it was. After taking a closer look I realized it was actually another snake, a species of Bronzeback.

You can see that it looks very much like any rope or vine that fell from any tree.

This snake was quite hard to shoot as he kept slithering away and even attempted to hop off the railing. But here are some shots I managed to take. I didn't care to keep my distance as I knew that this was a non-venomous species that couldn't be of much harm.

We later identified it as the Painted Bronzeback, a widespread and common species that can be found in a variety of habitats including scrub, secondary forest, back-beach habitats as well as parks and gardens. It is a diurnal species that searches for its prey, mainly frogs and lizards, during the day. What an interesting day! 3 snakes from one location, one highly venomous, one mildly venomous and one non-venomous!


Anonymous said...

Just a little opinion of a nature photographer, is not about us! is about the safety and welfare of the subject we are taking as well as the people that nearby. Your rush could trigger unnecessary panic to any passerby. Most people are not comfortable with snakes!! :)


Shawn said...

Hi Samson,

Thanks for the useful advice. I realized that I didn't mention the fact that we are causing a threat to snakes as well. In Singapore, people rarely see snakes in the concrete jungle, so most people who do never really intend to harm or kill it. They usually leave it alone. Thanks a gain!

adrielleroyale said...

Great shots for such a squirmy subject! :)

Shawn said...

LOL squirmy!?!?! Haha. Anyway Thanks!


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