Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winged Wonders

There were a large variety of dragonflies and other winged insects around the campsite, but most dragons were quick and I didn't get to shoot many. Here are a few different species I managed to shoot.

And then there were a pretty good number of bees and wasps, which, I didn't really wish to go too close to. Here's a carpenter bee at its usual spot in the morning.

And a species of wasp, digging into the earth, probably that's where it resides.


Nature Rambles said...

Great shots of the dragons! I love to shoot carpenter bees and that's how I find them...on bamboo poles and iron rods jutting out of concrete.

adrielleroyale said...

These are such amazing shots - I love the close ups of the dragon flies :)

Shawn said...

Thanks both of you for your wonderful comments! I admire carpenter bees too although I rarely see them, but always prefer to keep a distance :)


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