Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dragonflies from MacRitchie

MacRitchie Reservoir is home to a large variety of Dragonflies, due to tha large reservoir and many swamps surrounding the area. Here are a few species of dragonfly I managed to spot and shoot during the walk through the forest. A common species, orange in colour.

Another species, the Shaded Basker. I used to see this species commonly in Bukit Timah.

Here's a large dragonfly, no idea which species though. It was hanging onto a twig silently for a long time. And my, I do love its blue eyes caused by the camera flash.


budak said...

the big green eye dragon could be Epophthalmia vittigera

adrielleroyale said...

That second one looks like he's smiling :))

Shawn said...

budak, thanks for the info!
Adrielle, you're right. In fact, he looks like he's smiling with two big white teeth!

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know what's the species of the orange dragonfly? I've seen a similar one at MacRitchie too but couldn't ID it. Thanks so much!


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