Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big Brown Mantis

All I can say about this creature is that I've never seen such a big mantis before. I mean, it was huge, measuring about 15cm from head to tail! This praying mantis was spotted by my sister while playing badminton, and she immediately called me upon spotting it.

I got it onto a small shrub, and took a few shots.

What was really intriguing about this mantis was, well yes its size, and the fact that it seemed to follow and understand you well. It follows your face and even inspects what you give them. So after playing around with him, I decided to let him go. I spotted a locust on a nearby shrub, and so let the mantis climb on so as to hopefully see some predatory action. But nope, the mantis didn't seem interested. Perhaps it just had lunch?


adrielleroyale said...

Great back story on this one! It made it all the more interesting :)

john said...

Shawn you should have photographed it on your hand to give some perspective of it's size. Great photos.

Shawn said...

Thanks Adrielle and John.

John, I actually did, but decided not to post it as I realized majority of the mantis' head was out of focus in the image.


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