Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scorpion Action

So where was I? Of course, searching for scorpions. I looked around and under every single rock and pile of rocks, and eventually managed to spot a pair underneath a huge rock. One big one measuring about 12cm and one little one, around 5cm. Here's the fully grown adult. I can't tell if its a He or a She, however.

I had it placed ontop of the rock for some open shots.

Here's the juvenile, which immediately fled the scene upon realizing it had been discovered. Have a look at it's striking position. Pincirs and sting, ready to attack.

They usually stay as a family, about 6-15 young ones, accompanied by the mother. I have in fact seen about 5-6 such families before, but didn't really bother taking photos as they are very common and I've seen them and posted about them before. All you have to do is pile up a few ten rocks and leave it there for a month or two. By then, a family of scorpions would have made it their home.

PS please do not do try this alone. Although I'm just 16, I've had enough experience to handle these venomous creatures. Their venom is extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal! If you are to spot a scorpion, keep a good distance, take a few shots and leave it there alone. No scorpions have been harmed in the process, only rehabitated.


adrielleroyale said...

No worries there, you wouldn't catch me within 20 feet of one if I could help it! lol!

john said...

As a general rule, scorpions with relatively large pinchers are less dangerous than scorpions with delicate pinchers. The size of the stinger has little to do with the potency of it's venom. I believe your scorpions with such fat claws are not really all that dangerous.

Photographers said...

Beautiful! Still in India?

Shawn said...

Thanks guys for your comments!

Adrielle, haha, I can understand you're rather afraid of these little critters... ;-)

John, thanks for the information. In fact, I knew that the smaller the pincir, the stronger the venom. However, I wouldn't want anyone to get stung by even the least venomous scorpion as, you know, its still in a way dangerous...

Hey Calvin, nope, I'm just late in my posts... :-)


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