Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Colourful Little Gecko

I was searching for scorpions in my front yard one afternoon and as I lifted a rather large rock, this little gecko hopped out from below, scurrying through the leaf litter, trying to get away.

I just love the colours of this lizard. Black body, pale purplish head with a creamy stripe from each side that joins and extends till its abdomen, and an orange tail that could easily be mistaken for a part of the jackfruit.

I love this next shot where the gecko's looking at the camera, with only the head in focus.

Left it there and I continued my search for scorpions.


Photographers said...

Really nice! was it using point and shoot again?

Shawn said...

Thanks Calvin. Yup, I was using my old Casio P&S.


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