Friday, June 17, 2011

Tiny Tree Frog 2

It wasn't soon after spotting the previous tree frog that I came across another one. And yes, again inside my house! This one was really small too, but definitely a different species. Here's a shot of him on my desk (that's where I found him).

So once again, I took the little frog out for some shots.

He's looking up at the skies!

A shot of it crawling on a tiny twig.

Like Adrielle ( has mentioned in the comments of the previous post, God seems to be showering me with gifts! I conclude that these creatures tend to find their way indoors probably because they're attracted to the light. In sub-urban areas in India, like where I live, you can hardly see your way at night! Houses are the only spots where there's light. They don't even have street lights in these areas. Anyway, I let the tiny tree frog hop onto a leaf, and went back in. What a frog-filled time!


adrielleroyale said...

And may the gifts keep coming my friend!! Thank you for your kind mention :)

Shawn said...

My pleasure. :) Thanks!

Vakuoli said...

So cute! We don't have tree frogs in Finland but every summer we go out to see the common baby frogs come out of their pond. So tiny and so beautiful, like these two tree frogs you had the good fortune to photograph : )


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