Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We had chickens in our home in India for a long while, but it had been months, or years, since I saw some chicks. My mum decided to keep eight fertilized eggs for hatching. And one day, all eight hatched, and out came these cute little furry creatures. Here's a shot with the old mommy hen with her newly hatched chicks.

Out of the eight, seven were either black or dark brown. But one, my favourite, was a beautiful yellow and cream. However, with time, he too grew darker feathers and became black!


adrielleroyale said...

Oooohhhhh I love chickens!! I grew up on a hobby farm with chickens and ducks and horses etc. :) great memories! My hubby just picked up some coachin this spring so now I get to enjoy their company outside once more :) Have a great week!

Shawn said...

Wow, I never knew you grew up in such a place. It sure should be fun with all these farm animals! Haha. The chicks are adorable, but they grow up really fast. Thanks anyway!

Photographers said...

i particularly like how you compose your second shot, very interesting! *sorry, i'm very photographic!*

Shawn said...

Thanks Calvin! Don't worry, I get it :-)


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