Friday, July 22, 2011

Critters From an Evening Stroll

I was bored at home one Saturday evening so I decided to do a mini hunt I do everyday around my home. Several dragonflies were beginning to find their resting spots to spend the night.

And guess what, the Flower Mantis I spotted the previous day wasn't the only one around. I checked the same shrub and immediately spotted a baby flower mantis, just about half an inch in length.

It hopped onto the ground and I had great difficulty trying to photograph it. It was so freaking small! I managed this photograph, with a slight increase to the contrast.

Here are two random plant/flower shots I took during my search. I'm not really that good in photographing plants and flowers, but once in a while, it seems to work for me.


sebi_2569 said...


Photographers said...

just beautiful!

adrielleroyale said...

These are so awesome!! Love the dragon flies :))

Carmen Barriuso said...

Preciosa fotos. Me encanta tu blog, es muy bonito.

Shawn said...

Thanks all of you guys!!!


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