Thursday, July 14, 2011

Insects Galore!

I went out for a walk in the afternoon to my relatives house. With me, I had brought by camera, on which I mounted my zoom lens. I brought the basic lens along as well. It was good thing I decided to mount the zoom lens, because I managed to spot and shoot a number of insects from a good distance. Here's a small wasp nest with a few wasps around it. The zoom lens helped me shoot the nest from a safe distance. I would never wanna get stung by one of these!

My relative joined me in my hunt and we spotted this beautiful Painted Jezebel Butterfly. I had always wanted to rear the caterpillars of this butterfly when I was young.

We came across another attractive butterfly too. But sadly I couldn't manage a shot of it with its wings open. That was where the bright and beautiful colours of the butterfly were hidden. Anyway I got a few side shots and I still like them.

And then this rather big stick mantis showed up. It sure was a beautiful creature. Although I've seen many like these here, this was definitely the biggest stick mantis I've ever seen.

And then, a number of common garden insects like caterpillars, katydids and dragonflies. But it was surprising to have found so many little critters in such little area!


sebi_2569 said...

superb; congratulations

Bluebottle said...

Shawn, your shots are really nice now! the jezebel is actually common jezebel. We don't have them here in S'pore though.

Shawn said...

Thanks guys!

Photographers said...

nice! sorry shawn, os are coming soon, i wont be updating much now...

adrielleroyale said...

What a wealth of beauty here!! I love that jezebel butterfly, so beautiful! :)

Shawn said...

Thanks Calvin and Adrielle! Calvin, it's alright, focus on your o's first. Good luck!

Noushka, said...

I am so amazed by the dragonfly on the next to last picture that I wish to have your consent to download it and post it into the Insect Forum I use to identify my own!
I hope it is OK by you... These guys have an incredible knowledge about world dragonflies.
You can give me your (posive!!) answer on a comment in my blog if you wish! :)
Please keep going with those dragons, you have an array of fabulously coloured ones!


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