Saturday, July 30, 2011

Huge Beetle Grubs

My grandfather is a nature lover. Or more like, he did agriculture for a living, and still indulges in planting crops around the house and eating natural fruits grown in our compound. One day, he got a pile of manure to feed the plants and while he was digging through the pile, he spotted several huge beetle grubs. These grubs are the larvae of a species of beetle, and they feed on such manure.

These beasts were huge, about 5 inches in length, and disgusting (to some, even more than that)! Even I couldn't bear to look at their milky white and blackish translucent insides.... Ugh! So I quickly took a couple shots before our chickens found them and started feasting on them.

Pray hard you get a good sleep tonight.


john said...

C'mon Shawn, be a man, bite into one of those grubs! I followed the link to your older posts about seeing 3 snakes in one day. I was seriously impressed by that Blue Coral Snake. Incredible find.

Shawn said...

OMG John, you've gotta be kidding! Haha, I'm sorry I'm not Bear Grylls. He would've done that.

Of course, the Blue Malayan Coral Snake is a beautiful snake, with deadly venom as well. Sure was a lucky day for me. :)


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