Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birding at Chinese & Japanese Gardens

I went for a walk to the Chinese and Japanese gardens one morning, this time with my zoom lens mounted on my camera. I was intending to do some birding, but it turned out to be far from easy as most of the birds were really shy (like always). Here are some smug shots I managed of a number of birds. A pair of Common Mynahs.

A pair of storks or herons, in flight.

A Yellow-Vented Bulbul. Apparently, I was chasing a Shrike but ended up spotting this bulbul in its place.

A Collared Kingfisher as it flies off from a lamp pole.

And the majestic White-Bellied Fish Eagle. This fella was soaring above the gardens for hours, probably trying to catch some fish?

I spotted a lot more birds but sadly didn't get a chance to photograph them.


adrielleroyale said...

Oh I love that king fisher! So cute!! :)

john said...

The storks are Painted Storks. Not rare, but way cool!

Shawn said...

Thanks guys!

John, thanks for the ID!


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