Monday, August 1, 2011

Indian Rufous Treepie

The Indian Rufous is a very common and noisy bird found in sub-urban areas in India. These birds are colourful and attractive. Their body is mainly a brownish-orange, head black, wings and tail black and white. Their tail is long and it's awesome to see them fly with these lovely colours. But what's so annoying about them? Their laughs. These birds' calls sound somewhat like an old man's weird laughter. It's a really irritating noise that you wouldn't wanna listen to for long. Anyway, I managed to grab a few shots of these birds. Although they are common and often come close to humans, I never really managed to photograph any because whenever I got close enough to photograph them, I wouldn't have the camera with me!

The pair were fighting or playing around I guess.


adrielleroyale said...

Went to find a video of their calls and to see them in flight - You are right about both their beauty in flight and funny noises they make :) Great pics!

Shawn said...

Haha, yeah, they look beautiful but sound awful... :D

sanjaya said...

is there a hindi name for this bird??

Shawn said...

Hi Sanjaya,

I'm afraid I'm not sure about that, as I don't live in a hindi-speaking locality.


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