Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sticky's Back to Say Hi

It's evident that my friends sure are missing me. I woke up one morning to find another stick insect in front of my door, one exactly the same size and colour as the one before, and at the very same spot!

I just couldn't understand why this happened and how! It looked like the stick insect was back to say Hi or something. And another intriguing part was that I've never seen another stick insect anywhere in this area close to my house. The only one I've seen here is this particular individual who's come looking for me for the second time! Whatever the reason, I was glad he returned, as I could take a few photographs of him with my Nikon.

I let him out and he clung onto a tree trunk and slowly crawled up towards the leaves. I said bye as I lost sight of him, but I'm sure he'll be back before I know it.

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