Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Termites Go Marching

Finally after sitting for more exams, it was the December holidays and my pal and I went straight to where we usually head - Bukit Timah. This time again, I was the one using his DSLR. He was alright with his digital camera. Besides, I allowed him to use these photographs, because although I was the photographer, the camera was his. Well, we started our usual climb and I stopped to photograph these tiny termites marching on the fence.
I wouldn't have to crop the above photo since the one below is almost same, just that I used zoom. I don't hesitate to zoom with these lenses as the photo quality doesn't decrease, unlike that of digital compact cameras.
PS Thanks to AK for correcting me; these are termites, which I initially thought were ants.


AK said...

Hi Shawn,
These are termites,not ants.I encountered such migration at Bukit Batok Nature park a few times.The ones with a horn like projection on the head are the soldiers,those 'horn' can spray formic acid at enemy.They will eventually settle on trees,building a 'covered walkway'along the tree trunks.

Shawn said...

Hi Ak, Thanks for the info! Yes, you are right, they are indeed termites. Only after telling me did I take a closer look and realize it. Thanks again!


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