Friday, January 15, 2010


After jogging for a while I stopped and got my camera out again hoping to find some interesting creatures. Right then I saw several bird watchers armed with their dslr cameras and long zoom lenses crowding near the pond. I looked and saw this big, white bird that I don't think I've seen before... It was surely a species of Stork. From a distance I took a few shots hoping to get at least one that would help me identify it.
The stork stayed for quite a long time, for about 30 - 45 minutes. There wasn't much I could do except watch the bird and the photographers excitedly snapping away.


john said...

Shawn, The Stork is a Milky Stork. A very rare find, congratulations on the sighting. I am envious. Do you have a decent bird guide?

Shawn said...

Hi John,

Thank You for identifying the bird for me. Since I am no bird-watcher, I don't have any bird guide or anything, but I do try to photograph any nice birds that I spot.


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